How to Access the Effectiveness of an SMS Marketing Campaign

· Do you have any idea how effective your SMS marketing is?

· Do you know how SMS campaigns can be benchmarked?


· What you should test in order to improve your campaigns?

If you do not know how to evaluate the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaign. This article is for you:

1. 1. Click-through rate

The percentage of SMS receivers that clicked on a link in your text is known as your click-through rate. This is a crucial measure to track because the objective of your campaign is to persuade subscribers to click a link and take action.

(Total Clicks / Delivered Messages) x 100

If your CTR is high, it implies your text is interesting to the people who are reading it. If it’s low, it might indicate that your message or offer isn’t as relevant to your audience. Measuring CTR is the first step in optimizing your campaign and encouraging subscribers to take the required actions.

2. 2. The rate of delivery

The percentage of text messages delivered that reach a subscriber’s inbox is known as your SMS delivery rate.

(# Delivered Texts / Total # of Texts Sent ) x 100

It can be easy to lose money by sending to erroneous phone numbers, such as landlines, disconnected numbers, or Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP numbers. Make sure your chosen SMS marketing software address this!

3.Reply rate

The percentage of people who respond to your text is known as your reply rate. If gaining a response from receivers is the aim of a certain message in your campaign, you’ll want to track the response rate.

(# Unique Replies / # Delivered Messages) x 100

The percentage of subscribers that respond shows how engaged they are with your content. It also informs you of the effectiveness of your message. Reply rates are also important since they help with lead creation — you can use them to figure out which subscribers are loyal so you can proceed with them more strategically.

4. Unsubscribe rate

The proportion of your SMS recipients who unsubscribed during a campaign is known as your unsubscribe rate. This occurs when a receiver replies to your messages with “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE.”

(# Opt-Outs / # Subscribers at Campaign Start) x 100

People unsubscribe from your SMS list for a variety of reasons. When subscribers no longer think your communications valuable, rates might skyrocket. Also, if you send too many messages, if your subscribers are unfamiliar with your company, or if your texts are deceptive or dubious.So try not to do this.

5. Conversion rate

The percentage of receivers who took the required action as a result of your text message is known as your conversion rate.

(# Conversions / # Messages Sent) x 100

What occurs when someone clicks on the link in your message usually has an impact on conversion rate. If a conversion in your campaign implies a discount at your restaurant,for example, you’ll want to make sure your website or restaurant is ready to process this.

6. List growth rate

The rate at which your subscriber list has expanded over time is referred to as your list growth rate.

New Subscribes — Unsubscribes

Total Subscribers Over Campaign

You won’t get far with your marketing efforts until you increase your SMS list. People may unsubscribe, go cold, or change their phone numbers. You’ll want to maintain running campaigns to keep your list growing at a steady pace.

It is important to keep track on the information mentioned above. Knowing where all of your numbers fall is crucial to conducting the best campaign possible!




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The new online ordering e-platform charging zero commission fees.

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