Lisbon’s Independent Food Industry And The Revolutionary Solution To Save It

To give this context, I write this blog having only been in Lisbon for a few weeks. I have been drawn to the same elements that most people from the UK long for back home when in search of escapism. The sun, the sea, and the culture. But having examined my surroundings one aspect that is glaring and somewhat beautiful is the sight of independent restaurants, cafes and bars, and the vast number of them. Something I was not expecting to be in awe of.

Perhaps this is something that is not in the conscious mind of the typical Lisboan but hear it from a Brit, it’s refreshing to not walk past the same chain establishment again and again, like walking through a conveyor belt of the same monotonous flat white from the same chain coffee shop I would pass on the daily commute back home.

Independent business gives this city flavour, it celebrates diversity, and it also promotes localisation of trade which strengthens the local economy rather than shareholders of multi-national corporations.

This is not to suggest that the UK does not have independent restaurants, bars & cafes but a few establishments do hold a monopoly in most cities which drives the prices up of local establishments as they must compete for only a modest share in the market.

This is where I see Lisbon having things done right. Cafes, bars, and restaurants all bustling with people most times of the day, selling goods at a fair and affordable price, places that are inviting to the eye with an obvious sense of pride from the owner. This love for the ownership of business is something Lisboans must never lose; it gives the city its personality.

Granted, I have passed a McDonalds here and of course it was busy, as they all are. You can’t outsell convince anywhere it seems? But here it is not in an abundance like the golden arches have become back home. It serves as an equal player of the game with other local businesses also being able to trade whilst making sufficient money to run a business and get people through the door.

So, what is my point? My point is not what is here but more what could come. During Covid we saw only the start of restaurants being held at the mercy of food delivery platforms like Uber eats, Glovo and Bolt to name a few, these platforms can take up to a 35% commission on orders, and with all establishments having to close many places now depend on these delivery platforms for their business and getting new customers.

But what is the solution to this conundrum? The customer has become more accustomed to having food delivered therefore restaurants need a delivery service, but to do that the restaurant must pay extortionate commission fees, right? Well, what if you were wrong?

eStart4 is a marketing software that is a 0% commission platform that aims to help restaurants come out of the covid crisis and thrive beyond, it works by facilitating the ordering process on a restaurants website and providing the delivery logistics. Restaurants pay a subscription fee rather than commissions per order which has saved companies literally thousands of euros over an extended period.

This revolutionary service is crucial as the McDonalds and Burger Kings of the world can afford these commissions, but this is where the independent business of Lisbon may face its biggest threat and become the same bland flat white that the UK has largely succumbed to.

If you own a restaurant, why wouldn’t you look at the eStart4 website and apply for a demo? Just follow the link below. An offer you cannot afford to miss.




The new online ordering e-platform charging zero commission fees.

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The new online ordering e-platform charging zero commission fees.

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