The importance of customer data as a restaurant owner

5 min readMar 25, 2021


Nowadays, data is more important than money because data is money. Thus, customer data is one of the most valuable information sources that you can have as a business owner.

What is customer data?

Customer data is all the information that you can collect about your customers, such as name; phone number; email address; home address; preferred payment option; age; gender; what they like to eat…etc.

You have to record everything you can about your customers. You have to know them and show that you know them. The more information that you have about your customers, the more effective your customer targeting will be.

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When to collect this data?

eStart4 collects this data for you directly through the food delivery platform whenever the customer orders. eStart4 keeps all customer data and permits restaurant owners access to it. You will be able to know what your customer orders and who they are (e.g. name, email address and phone number).

Why is customer data beneficial for your restaurant?

Customer data is beneficial for restaurant owners because you have access to crucial information that you can use to communicate with them directly.

Improve your food offer:

Customer data allows you to interact with your customers and to collect their feedback to better understand them; know what they like; what they don’t like; what they might be interested in; what they think of your food, etc.

This information is useful as it gives you the tools and necessary knowledge to be able to improve your food offers and dishes (e.g. which dishes you should continue or stop selling).

However, and perhaps most importantly, being able to understand what your customers would like to get from your restaurant and how you can develop and tailor your offer.

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Target your different customer types:

Customer data also allows you to implement strategies according to your customers. In fact, you already have a lot of initial information about your customers and your business that you can utilise straight away.

For example, you already know what you sell the most of; who your customers are; when they order and how much they spend on their orders.

All this information is useful in establishing a more well-rounded foundation to your business marketing strategy that you can subsequently utilise as a means to implement adaptive strategies according to your customers’ profiles.

Implement adapted strategies according your type of customer:

You can set up a marketing strategy for your customers who ordered once by giving them an incentive to order again, such as discounts or cashback.

Likewise, if your customers stop ordering suddenly, you can send them an email or a text message to incentivise them to order again (i.e. a follow-up message)

You can follow your customer behaviour and implement adapted strategies. This will put you in a better position to ensure that customers who have ordered once, will be more likely to order again, thus achieving customer loyalty.

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Create customer loyalty:

The most important thing is not only making a sale! The most important thing is to make a life-long customer, or at least a customer who is loyal for as long as possible.

Keep in mind that you will increase your profits by creating loyalty with your existing clients rather than the addition of new clients. Just imagine your customer as a potential income. If all your customers would be loyal and spend their money frequently at your restaurant, at the end of the year, every one of them represents a certain monetary value.

As such, all these values added together represents a lot of money! That’s why customer loyalty is crucial and something that can be improved thanks to the acquisition of customer data.

To keep your customers loyal, implementing marketing strategies is important, but it’s not sufficient. You have to also monitor and improve your food offer constantly.

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How can eStart4 help your restaurant?

eStart4 benefits your restaurant because you can access all the data that the food delivery platform collects.

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With a third-party food delivery app, you don’t have access to this crucial information. Moreover, they use this against you, selling it to your competitors or using it to open their own delivery service restaurant with your own concept. In fact, food aggregators begin to know more than you, such as what you sell more of; who your customers are; when they order; and how much they spend.

This is very dangerous, particularly for small restaurants. This is why you have to take control of all areas of your business, including customer data with eStart4.

eStart4 provides you with a food delivery platform where you can use all the customer data collected to make direct contact with them. In doing so, you will be able to improve your food offer and implement adapted marketing strategies to create customer loyalty.

Moreover, eStart4 is a platform with no commission fees and no hidden costs! This allows you to increase your profits right from the get go!

Help mitigate the constraints of COVID-19 and ensure the continued developed of your restaurant throughout the pandemic with eStart4.




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